Norske Grafikeres Verksted
Kalbakkveien 46, 0953 Oslo
Tlf: 22 68 14 57

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NGV - Norwegian Printmakers Studio

The Norwegian Printmakers studio in Oslo was established in 1931 and is Norway´s first studio in graphic art printing. The studio is open to all artists, for longer or shorter periods of time. Membership in an artist association is not required.
The printstudio offers a wide selection of printpresses, -in techniques such as lithography, engraving, woodcut, photopolymer and silkscreen. The studio is fully equipped for working with photo as well as data.

In spring and autumn, the printmakers studio yearly gives weekend classes; teaching the above mentioned techniques, at different levels.

Today the NGV - printmakers studio has about
20 artists
as fulltime members, as well as a number of short time users throughout the year.
The printmakers studio is situated at Kalbakken in Oslo and is easily reached by the underground metro and by several bus lines.


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